Friday, 28 October 2016

Lamps - Spyre INGO MAURER, 2016

Designer RON ARAD FÜR INGO MAURER, 2016 the  Spyre really stands out as completely contemporary and modern lamp.

Ingo Maurer is of course famed for the birds and zeetle lampshade. This Spyre lamp is must more industrial vs the mix of soft feathers or papers and mixed into industrial forms.

This is a true collectors item with only 50 made and all numbered, if you can't afford the price tag I'm sure you will spot in it a design museum near you.

Height approx. 100 cm, Ø base 9 cm.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Kelly SO Suspension light cover.

Neenas Lighting have these stunning lampshade or as Neenas lighting call them "pendants"
The Kelly pendants are the newest addition to the Studio Italia Design catalog. These designs play with light and shadows using custom laser-cut openings on the metal diffuser. Kelly is the ultimate in decorative design for traditional and avant-garde spaces.

Find out  more here:

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Et Voilà Design Daniele Lago

I haven't blogged about Lago before but have come accross them many times of the years.

One that caught my eye today was the Et Voila. Designed in 2011 for Lago.

It's a great looking storage system.

From Lago site:

Et Voilà  is a new storage system born from the desire to revise the container paradigm, domestic and otherwise, and introduce new ways for making the most of furniture. A taut piece of fabric encloses and creates a space, completely eliminating the perception of shutters. It almost seems like a magic box, where the undefined surface produces a sense of estrangement in whoever is looking at it.

As you can see from the photo it's pretty large.. According to the site it's Max Width: 426cm Max Height: 270cm.

Check out the site here:

Monday, 13 May 2013

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Designers - Fernando and Humberto Campana

Brothers FERNANDO AND HUMBERTO CAMPANA are furniture designer from Brazil.

As with many of today furniture designer the Campana brothers studied a architectural degree and fell into designing furniture.

Many of the designs are chairs and on the most manufactured by Edra which I've blogged about many time see here

Here is a picture of the Brothers:  Fernando and Humberto Campana

Brothers:  Fernando and Humberto Campana

Alligator Chair, 2004

PVC hoses, stainless steel. Manufactured by Edra, Italy.
 Lengths of PVC garden hoses wrapped around a
 stainless steel creating a comfortable seat.
 This chair was born from the intention to seek solutions 
with products that are usually
 discarded and banalized by daily use.

Mixed plush toys, iron. Made by Estudio Campana, Brazil.
 Lions, dogs, alligators and all sorts of stuffed animals mixed to 
form the unconventional upholstery
 of this chair. Once more the brothers Campana 
transform modest material into design.

California Rolls Chair, 2002

Stainless steel. Manufactured by Edra, Italy.
 The irregular woven form is shaped by hand to resemble the sprawling
 coral reefs found off the coast of Brazil. The brothers describe the
 Corallo as a three-dimensional scribble.

Discos Chair

Jenette Chair

Mixed media. Collection of Fernando and Humberto Campana.
 "In the favelas of Brazil, they make mats and bedspreads of all 
sorts simply by overlapping pieces of fabric. 
We began with this and we thought of sushi.
 Textiles of different types all rolled together."

rope, stainless steel. Manufactured by Edra, Italy.
 Born from a tangle of cords bought on a street market in Paulo,
 this chair projected Fernando and
 Humberto Campana on to the international stage. 
The Vermelha Chair marked the beginning of industrial production
 of their pieces of furniture. 
The way the rope should be braided to the metallic structure was videotaped and
 sent to the Italian company.

wood. Manufactured by Edra, Italy.
 Inspired by the favelas constructions in Sa Paulo, using scraps of wood they
 found on the streets, the Campana Brothers create this intricately fabricated chair.

Check out the brother website for more designs: Fernando and Humberto Campana

Friday, 22 March 2013

Railway Sleeper Table

I came across this stunning table made of railway sleepers today.

I really love designer styled furniture made from railway sleepers and alike.

The site this is listed on is called  TOYO KITCHEN STYLE and yes is in Japanese. I've used google translate below to quote from the site so it's not going to be perfect:

PRICE: 980,000 yen (1,029,000 yen including tax)
Size: W2250 × D1050 × H760mm
Material: top plate sleepers (with t = 10mm glass top panel)
    steel legs (chrome-plated) of the old- metal legs and glossy top panel contrasting design. -Top board that employs the sleepers that have changed by long years, there is a strong appeal tasty.

Take a look for yourself here:

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hanabi Sofa / Chair by mottoWASABI

mottoWASABI is a Helsinki-based Design Office with an array of Contemporary designs which I find stunning!

Here is just one example of a sofa / chair system built modulated fabric bags.

The design comes in many colours and of course size with chairs and foot stall along with the example of the sofa shown here.

mottoWASABI offer not just furniture design (labelled objects) but space, graphics and concepts. To find out more checkout their great site here

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tree / cloud Bookshelves from THORUNN ARNADOTTIR

I really love the idea and design of this bookshelf.

It's so simple but works so well. The free hanging bookshelf on it's own is nothing special but we added to the background painting it's stunning.


Tree and Cloud are inspired by the geometrical paintings of Mondrian, where simplicity in contstruction and an interesting composition of squares are at the forefront.

Find out more here

Thursday, 19 April 2012

LightYourselfUp Pixel Cat Shelf

This handmade cat shelf got the cream.

A real contemporary design and idea.

Made by a designer on Etsy call "LightYourselfUp"

I can't find to much info about the designer but their url is and shop is on Etsy here.

Great shelf :)
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